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...and the forest consumed us
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societal collapse is imminent!

no new music yet but i got some of my beloved synths back from the shop and my head is full of ideas and concepts and plannnnssss... been reading a lot of queer punk history, listening to a lot of new/old music... oh, i started a new music project as well called societal collapse is imminent! focused on noise, HNW, etc., so i've kinda been all over the place creatively lately.

...and the forest consumed us

when's the last time i finished two songs in a month? (i actually finished three, but i'll talk about the other one in a later post) this one is called ...and the forest consumed us. everything is falling away and the beauty of decay feels like home.

h3ll w33ps 4 h3r

hey cuties, here's another one for you. who is h3r? is she all of us? who is hell, for that matter... is she also all of us? the world breaks my heart, but it also lifts me up at the same time, and that's the whole reason we do what we do. take care of each other and enjoy my new song, h3ll w33ps 4 h3r. i've been on a creative streak lately, and i'm making more music than i can reasonably post, but bear with me. i love you all.

hey look, i wrote a new track

our infrastructres are dissolving, our bodies are breaking down, our empires are crumbling under their own weight. pandemics and politics. this is the first song i've actually finished since 2016. it's called ▲ϝLɆ§ɧ▼₲๏Ꮭҽɱ▲, and i wrote it for you.

this is where i write shit nobody will read

website overhaul. my studio is all pulled apart and i'm in the midst of reorganizing and rewiring and repairing... long overdue projects gathering dust. i thought my favorite sampler was broken but i guess it's not. i pulled down my last track because i didn't like how it was mixed, so ghostslikeshadows is back up. i sampled an old orson welles record i found at goodwill for that one. that's what's up.


hi lovelies, my name is mathias (she/they) and i don't like the weird third-person bio stuff.

i'm a gendeerqueer multimedia artist living in seattle and i've been making all kinds of purposeful noise since 1996. my current projects are a dark, electronic, witchy-earthy thing called spirit ▲ shrine and my newest, a noise/HNW project, societal collapse is imminent!. i create, compose and record everything on old hardware from the 80s and 90s. in addition to music, i make collage art, zines and posters, and i'm part of a Capitol Hill art collective cult.

past projects i have been involved in include an industrial art-punk trio called WINDOWSNINETYFIVESECONDEDITION, a solo chiptune/drum & bass project called TANGENTBOT, a nerdy hip-hop duo called Three Ninjas And Tangentbot, a tracker collaboration crew called Public Works and an industrial, tracker-based project simply called Tangent.

i've been featured in compilations from Ritual Tapes (under the moniker T▲NGENTBOT, and the Women of Noise compilation release to help fund a queer, BIPOC-led collective that aids low income folks in Appalachia with abortion services.

influences include oOoOO, The Swans, Skinny Puppy, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Lingua Ignota, noise, riot grrrl, DIY, punk, fluxus, the moon, storms, forests, mountains and the sea.

you can check out the rest of my music at bandcamp and a more limited selection at soundcloud.

spirit shrine performing at cairo in seattle, wa -  12-14-2013